Contact Us
Mesa Vista Middle and High school welcomes you to the home of the Trojans! Located in Ojo Caliente, our school is part of the high desert of northern New Mexico-an area known for its fantastic spring waters. With moderate temperatures throughout the seasons, we’re in a great location to live and educate our students, and we’re glad to share it with you.  Please take time to become familiar with our school’s programs and events. Many of your questions will be answered as you learn about us. Don’t hesitate to call us either. We look forward to your involvement with your children at Mesa Vista. 

We hope to see you often and you’re always welcome to call with any questions or concerns. Students will have greater success with your involvement on campus. Our front office staff will help you with questions about attendance, school schedules, checking students out early, visitors on campus, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Our Adresses

Yep, we have two addresses for our school. When coming to visit, please refer to our physical location:

Mesa Vista Middle and High School
Highway 285 Junction 111
Ojo Caliente, NM 87549

We’re easy to find, but here is a map just in case. When sending postal mail, address your letters with this address:

Mesa Vista Middle and High School
PO Box 50
Ojo Caliente, NM 87549

Important Numbers

Do us a favor! When students are absent or late, just give us a call to let us know. We want to know that every child is safe. When students aren’t here, we’re concerned for their health and safety. 

Phone: (505) 583-2275
Fax: (505) 583-9133